FM Whatsapp APK – How to Download and Install

The FM Whatsapp APK is available to download here on your android devices. It is an app where you can communicate with your friends. In this digital decade, technology has improved. There are a lot of social media apps that have launched in market with pretty high in the competition. The FM Whatsapp apk latest version is one of them. It has gotten up to 1.5 billion active users per month. This app allows you to text messaging for free.

Not only that, but it also offers you to make voice calls and much more. It also provides you everything that original Whatsapp has one of the fantastic things about the FM Whatsapp APK download is, it is a cross-platform messaging app freely available out there. Aside from messaging, it allows you to share images, documents, other media, and user location. Another best thing is, there is no denying about privacy.

Besides that, you would love about its end-to-end encryption protocol. It blocks third-party services so you would get the best app. Yes, the FM Whatsapp apk free download available below. Be ready!


FM Whatsapp APK free download for android comes with amazing features. It carries new additions as well as exclusive features, which are:


The best feature of FM Whatsapp APK is the customization. This app allows you to replace the original app’s green theme so your desired color would appear on the screen.

Additionally, it also lets you freely add custom themes to your library. There is a capacity to accept hundreds of themes.

Moreover, you can personalize the icon of the app. Isn’t it much interesting to change the color of iconic? Probably, you’ll learn new skills in design.


It is no denies, people are more concerned with privacy. And this app offers the best features. It lets you add tweaks to the app. Yes, never like before, you can hide features. It is including blue ticks, last seen, double clicks, and much more.

Furthermore, it lets you deactivate the calling feature, unlike original Whatsapp. There is an app lock feature also. It allows you to set a security lock to protect your app from your friends. Here we are not providing the latest version of this app, but also you can get FM Whatsapp APK Free to download for android.

Unbanned and Secured

Indeed, unbanned FM WhatsApp apk is here to lets you get unlimited amazing features that you never have in its original app.

Furthermore, it provides complete security. It lets you secure the app by using a password. For the conversation security, you can add the pins to the chat.

Increased Limits

Now you can send messages to large groups without any limit. It contains up to 500 people by using the FM Whatsapp Apk file. However, keep note that the original app allows you to send up to 250 people.

Besides that, you can send over 60 images to one contact. Yes, did you ever use this feature in the original app? No, because it is not allowed there.

Exclusive Features

Are you exciting to know about its remarkable features? Lets glimpse on them!

There is no worry about saving the contacts for sending messages. Yes, the FM Whatsapp apk file app allows you to send and receive messages from unsaved contacts.

Furthermore, FM Whatsapp APK 8.26 allows you to get the convenience to customize the colors of groups, unlike the original app.

Last but not least,  FM Whatsapp APK Download latest version offers you to maximum pin up to 100 chats. Yes, it is just awesome to get endless amazing features with the latest FM Whatsapp apk.

How to Download and Install FM Whatsapp APK?

Now let’s look at the downloading steps of FM Whatsapp APK android. Before processing, you have to ensure that you have a stable internet connection and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to download FM Whatsapp APK. For this purpose, you have to wait after clicking it for once.

Step 2:

When download completed, you have to check that is there “unknown sources” that are blocked? If yes, click on the right and make them on to install the app without any hassle.

Step 3:

It is time for installation, so you have to open its APK file and click “OK” for installation.

Step 4:

It may require some permission like the original app, so you have to allow that.

Step 5:

Last but not least, wait for a few seconds, and when installed, you are ready to use it!

Above all, we have FM WhatsApp APK, all versions with simple downloading steps without paying a single buck. There is no denying that this app is excellent, unlike the original app, as it added more variety to your app menu. Also, there are presenting new features and your dream for the original app. Besides that, we have all versions either you are looking FM Whatsapp apk for iPhone, FM Whatsapp apk for IOS, or FM Whatsapp APK for PC.


Is FM Whatsapp Safe To Use?

There is nothing to worry about for the FM Whatsapp APK. It is entirely safe to use as well as your privacy is well-secured like the original app.

Can You Use FM Whatsapp With The Original App?

No, it doesn’t allow you to use the original app while using it. Moreover, you have to uninstall the official app before downloading the FM WhatsApp APK.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have the best FM Whatsapp APK versions for you to download free of cost. With a fantastic feature, this app is increasingly popular. So if you are bored and want to use apps like the original app with customized features, you can download it. However, say with us to get free FM WhatsApp GB apk. Besides that, if there is any question pops up in your mind, let us know about that because we are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!

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